Do You Dare Discover Your Center?

The center or filling that you love can tell you a lot about yourself. What is it about the center
that attracts you? These centers – their smell, their taste, their texture – link into your moods, your
thoughts, your self-esteem. By understanding what the centers suggest, you may be able to understand
your feelings better. So why not take some time out with chocolate and nd out your center?

Almond: Quick-thinking and freedom-loving, you thrive on change and variety. You can also appear
ippant at times, and you may have a tendency to ip from one thing or person to another.
Apricot: Gentle and self-assured, you like to help others and create warmth and security in your surroundings.
You can also lack patience and nd it hard to trust others.
Caramel, hard: People can rely on you, and you like to get things done. Routine is important to you
The downside is that you may nd it hard to listen to and respect the points of view of
Caramel, soft: You are comfortable and easy-going sometimes and you don’t get
the credit or the reward you deserve.
Caramel with nuts: You are everyone’s friend. You have charisma but can also be a bit of a
temptress or tease.
Cherry: You have a lust for life and love. Your energy is incredible. Just watching you makes
others feel tired.
Chocolate: You can laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously. You enjoy the game
of life and look into the future with healthy optimism.
Coconut: Creative and artistic, you feel drawn to music, dance and the rhythm of life, but you might
appear a bit ighty to others.
Coffee: A deep thinker who enjoys the art of conversation and debate, you have an open mind.
You may have a tendency to be impatient or to stay so busy and focused o work that
you forget to attend to loved ones.
Fudge: You have a relaxed, graceful approach to life, but it’s important to you to make your mark
on the world. When you can’t achieve what you want, you feel stuck and frustrated.
Ginger: Success and power are important for you, and you are prepared to work for them – even if
that means going at it alone and making sacrices.
Hazelnut: You area nature lover and rely heavily on your intuition, which often brings you great
success. You may have to ght against shyness.
Honeycomb Crunch: You are full of great ideas and creative energy. for you, the journey is more
important than the destination, which means that you may begin with projects and not see
them through to the end.
Lemon: You like to do your own thing and are not worried about what other people think.
Sometimes you can be a little self-absorbed and need to lighten up.
Lime: You have a good sense of direction in your life, and you listen to your feelings. Having
space or alone time is important to you to gather strength, because you can be easily hurt
or oended.
Marshmallow: You are very sociable and like to party and have people around you. The danger is
that you can get bored quickly.
Mint: Cool and sophisticated, you have bags of charisma. It’s not that you don’t want to commit,
it’s just that life is too exciting and you love your freedom.
Orange: You need to nd meaning in life, to discover yourself and fulll your spiritual needs. Don’t
forget that you have physical and emotional needs too.
Peanut: You are an outdoor kind of person. time is precious to you and you t a lot – sometimes
too much – into your day.
Pecan: Staying young in body and mind is important to you and this makes you an appealing and
fun-loving person.
Pineapple: You have a strong sense of fun and adventure. You enjoy learning and love talking –
sometimes too much.
Raisin: Health-conscious and disciplined, you respect yourself and those around you. Sometimes,
though, you are a little too hard on yourself.
Raspberry: You like life to be fun and simple and when it gets complicated, you can feel naive
and lost.
Strawberry: A loving and thoughtful person, you are an eternal optimist with lots of love to give.
Your generousity means that you are often taken advantage of.
Toffee: Your life appears perfect, and you like to be seen at all the right places. But sometimes
dispite outward appearances, you feel vulnerable and anxious on the inside.
Walnut: You have a fresh, problem-solving approach to life. Although a good communicator, you
may prefer your own company.