Happy Birthday Bar
Happy Birthday Bar

This Birthday Bar makes a tasty impression when sent instead of a card.

Comes in a cello bag tied with a ribbon.

110 grams

$6.99 Select options
Bluenose Bar
Bluenose Bar

Bluenose Bar.

48 grams

$3.99 Select options
Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bar

Made with creamy, smooth Sweet Spot Chocolate. This 90 gram bar comes in a chocolate brown box.

90 grams

$7.99 Select options
Seaside Bar
Chocolate Seaside Bar

This chocolate seashell bar looks almost too good to eat….NOT. Made with 98 grams of Sweet Spot chocolate it’s guaranteed that you’ll enjoy every bite. Comes in a cello bag tied with a ribbon.

$5.99 Select options
Chocolate Seaside Bar Snack Size
Snack Size Seaside Bar

Snack size seashell bar is made with smooth Sweet Spot chocolate. This delicious bar comes wrapped in a cello bag.

32 grams

$2.99 Select options